Thursday, March 3, 2011

Unlimited Toppings

At the pizza place I work at we have a special for a large unlimited topping pizza for $12.99. Today a chick called to place an order and said she wanted to get a large pizza with everything on it. I listed off the toppings that would go on her pizza if she ordered all of them and she agreed to put them on her pizza. About twenty minutes later she showed up to pick up her pizza and I walked up to the counter to give it to her. She opened the box and got upset because she didn't want bacon and she wanted a refund...
Honestly though, Who doesn't like bacon?

Check out this Charlie Sheen Dubstep remix. I found it to be pretty damn funny:

-The Pizza Dude

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  1. Unlimited toppings! my mouth is already starting to water! Thanks for sharing!